Author: Kelli Gowder

Worst Disney Trip Ever

worst disney trip ever5

In December 2010 we headed back to Florida for a 10 day Merry Birthday Trip.  We were all excited to spend so many days in our favorite place, celebrating a birthday and Christmas.

Of course, none of our trips to Walt …

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Top 5 Don’t Dos for Disney

disney dont do

Every time we visit Walt Disney World Resort, we usually realize something that we could have done differently.   Sometimes it is little things, like remembering to pack sunscreen.  Other times there are bigger things that could have made our daily …

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The Great Stroller Debate

We have been following many Disney blogs, Facebook groups and podcasts for years.  There is one topic that always comes up…STROLLERS!  Many families agonize over whether or not to bring a stroller for the kids.  So lets break this …

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