Worst Disney Trip Ever

worst disney trip ever5

In December 2010 we headed back to Florida for a 10 day Merry Birthday Trip.  We were all excited to spend so many days in our favorite place, celebrating a birthday and Christmas.

Of course, none of our trips to Walt Disney World is ever a bad trip.  This trip had a few more “challenges” than some of our others.   Looking back on this trip this week included many great family memories.  Brooke still ranks this week as one of the best.  Hopefully, you can relate!

Come along as we talk about our WORST DISNEY WORLD TRIP EVER!

The seed for this trip started when my husband received a bonus!  What better way to spend a bonus than a trip to Disney, right?  The planning started full force.  Soon we were booked for a 10 day stay at the Contemporary.  Super excited.  Our daughter was around 6 at the time and had 2 Disney trips under her belt.  But she couldn’t remember the Contemporary.  A quick google search with pics of the monorail in the Contemporary and she was on board too!  We started our official countdown 30 days or so from our departure day.  Check out our countdown calendar.  Before we knew it, we were trucking it down 95, feeling the Magic!

worst disney trip ever2

Counting it down!


When I tell you this trip was a splurge, it truly was.  We normally do not stay in one of the deluxe resorts.  We were so excited to be on the monorail line and to be able to see the Magic Kingdom from our room.  Being the Disney freaks that we are, my husband and I were delighted to stay in one of the original resorts on property.  We felt tight with Walt and Roy!

We are just about to bust by the time we pull in to the Contemporary parking lot!  We made it!  We made it!  The Christmas tree outside and the large wreath on the side of the resort were gorgeous!  We get to the lobby.  Not as decorated for Christmas as some of the other resorts.  We were a little disappointed but no big deal.  We didn’t come to stand in the lobby all day!  We finally made it to our room.  It had recently undergone a renovation.  The furnishings were beautiful!

Then we started to unpack.

When we are staying someplace longer than 4 days or so, I really like to be able to unpack a little.  I hate digging through my suitcase everyday.  There were not many places, like a dresser with drawers to be able to unpack things.  What!?  We are paying a premium price and I cant even unpack.  Grrrrr.  The closet was nice and we had a place to put dirty clothes.  So I could live out of my suitcase as long as I could separate clean clothes from dirty ones.  OK, crisis averted.  But I am aggravated by this point.

Fast forward to night time.  We are all tired and ready for bed after a long day at the park.  We get settled in for the night.  Ahhh…nothing like a Disney sleep with the lights of the castle right out our window.  Then around 2 or 3 in the morning, outside noise wakes me up.  Toss. Turn.  Toss. Turn.  Not much sleep was had for the rest of the night.  I thought, well, no problem, I can be a fairly light sleeper sometimes and I just chalked it up to that.  I am at Disney and nothing is going to stop me!  Um, yeah, right…..

We head off to the Magic Kingdom.  In the rain.  Fabulous.  We had a very important appointment at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique We decided to walk to the Magic Kingdom because the line for the monorail was crazy.  Did I mention it was raining?  Yeah, right, I did.  Out with the ponchos.  I also had a coffee (see the night of unrest) to get me going.  Well that spilled down my front.  A white sweat shirt.  Awesome.  Thankfully the rest of the day we had so much fun!

worst disney trip ever

So time for bed again.  Surely tonight will be different.  I am thinking that I am so incredibly tired at this point, that a marching band can come through the room and I would sleep right through it.  Nope.  More noise in the wee hours of the morning.  So we investigate.  The front desk sincerely apologized for the inconvenience while they give the place a facelift.  At 2 in the morning Disney.   Thanks.  Sure enough, we finally notice that part of the rooms were cordoned off while they were working on them.  The sound travels straight up in the middle of the resort.  No problem.  I will just come back and take a nice mid-day nap.  No go.  Who knew the Chef Mickey’s was so loud.  Sigh.


worst disney trip ever3

Trying to get some rest!


Somewhere in all of the sleep deprivation, the weather took a drastic turn!  We have been to Disney during December before and wore shorts and t-shirts during the day and jeans and sweatshirts a night.  Perfect weather!  Not so much this time.  A fierce cold front moved into the US from Canada and made its way all the way down to Florida.  Whoa.

No need to worry about unpacking because at one point I think I had most of my clothes on!  My husband who is very hot natured was also cold.  All members of our family are now proud owners of matching Mickey knit hats and gloves!

worst disney trip ever4


It was so cold…how cold was it?

So cold that the monorail was broken down about half of our stay!  It was so cold that we didn’t even make it most of the nightly fireworks shows.  We enjoyed Wishes from the warmth of our room!

It ended up that the days were nice – the Florida sunshine can do a lot even when the temps take a dip!  The nights were rougher.  My daughter and I couldn’t tolerate the cold.  So most nights we ended up back at the Contemporary.  Sometimes my husband would stay later to take pictures, but even he wasn’t staying as long as he usually does.

Even though the weather and the renovation projects were working against us, we still had a blast!

Disney at Christmas is a magical time.  And seeing it through the eyes of a six year old – even better!

We made lots of memories and had lots of quality family time!  I will say that we haven’t had a 10 day trip again!  Are you wondering if I ever slept?  Some.  Through the help of sleep meds added to sheer exhaustion, at some point I eventually started just passing out!!


worst disney trip ever5

Look sun! A picture before we were frozen!





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  1. This is nothing but a bitchfest. Not Disney fault it rained or got cold or this lady spilled coffee down her shirt. She should be grateful she was even able to go as a lot of families can only wish for it.

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