Top 5 Ways First Timers Waste Time At Disney World

Right after saving money, saving time is one of the biggest concerns when planning your trip to Walt Disney World.  With only so many hours you are allowed in the parks, you need to maximize your time.

Below are ways first time visitors to WDW waste time.

5. Character Meet and Greets

As you enter the parks, especially the Magic Kingdom, you’ll see characters positioned in several locations.  These are for crowd control!  These distractions help thin the crowds rushing to the attractions.  The first 2 hours parks are open are the best time to ride without long lines.  Don’t use up that time by waiting in line for a picture with Donald.

There are some ways to save time with the characters.

  • Come back later.
  • Look for a FastPass
  • Eat at a character meal

4. Sleeping In

As I just said, the first few hours are the best time to ride without lines.  Every extra minute you spend in bed is time you will be standing in line later!  Arrive early to prevent getting caught in lines.

3. FastPass

You would be amazed at how many people we run into at Disney World that haven’t made any FastPass reservations.

The system is FREE!  Disney built it just to try and save people time waiting in lines.  Take full advantage of this benefit.

2. Planning

Knowing what to expect will save you tons of time.  Just walking into the parks can overwhelm you.  The choices are endless.  Do some planning first to alleviate the delays in deciding what you want to do.

1. Going with the Flow

Be care about getting caught in the crowd flow.

After watching Wishes, for example, it is easy to get caught in the crow existing the park.  Not only will it take you a long time to reach the exit, then you have to fight high crowds at the bus stop, monorail stop or on the ferry boat.  Avoid the crowds by getting a snack and enjoying people watching or heading to more attractions.

Trying to eat at a counter service restaurant during peak meal times is another common mistake.  Everyone heads to lunch at noon.  Go before or after to avoid standing in long lines for your lunch.

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