Q&A – Traveling to Disney World for July 4th

Here’s another question we got from a friend.

I’m going to Disney World with my two daughters July 2-6. We are staying offsite. We really want to see the July 4th fireworks in the Magic Kingdom. And this is the first time for the girls. I haven’t been in years. Tips and advice?

First July 4th is very crowded. If you want to go to the Magic Kingdom that day, you need to get there early. There is a chance they will close the park to people coming in because of capacity.

In general though, you want to either get there very early or be prepared to stay late. Don’t get to a park at 11-12 in the morning. It will be packed!

We’ve been on Thanksgiving and Easter. Both times we got to the Magic Kingdom 30 minutes before opening. And on those really crowded days they will open earlier and not post those times. We were able to ride just about everything we wanted with less than 10 minute waits. We left the park about 12 went and had lunch, swam in the pool and went back at night.

On the 3rd and 4th Magic Kingdom is open until 1:00am. If you can get everyone to stay up late, 9pm-1am is great times to ride also!

Next tips, if possible you need to buy your tickets now.

Disney has changed the way their Fast Pass system works. Not sure if you used the old one or not.

But now you can schedule 3 attractions per day online before your trip. But only if you have a valid park admission for each person. There are several attractions that this is about the only way you can ride without an 60+ minute wait.

If you can get tickets now, you go here: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/my-disney-experience/

Enter the code on the tickets and then you can start scheduling fast passes.

He wrote back and ask the question that many people ask – How much do Fast Passes cost?

Well nothing is free, it’s included in your park admission.

Oh and it’s going to be hot! Stay hydrated. The restaurants will give you cups of water free. And you can bring drinks in. All parks offer lockers. We usually carry a camel-back during hot trips.

For the fireworks, you want to get a spot at least an hour ahead of time on such a busy day.

You don’t want to be too close to the castle. They will hide the bursts.

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