Our Best Advice for First Timers

Two things we always tell people.  After you’ve read all the blogs, spent hours on Disboards, filled your iPhone with podcasts, you need to remember two things!

First, Walt’s dream was to build a place where families can enjoy rides and attractions together.  Everything is built with that in mind. Some are a little more intense than others, but not like at a Six Flags. They also are very accommodating for different diets, disabilities, etc.  So ride everything family style!  Be together, that’s what Walt intended!  Don’t sit on the bench watching, get in there and be a part of the experience.  That’s the best memories to take away from a WDW trip.

Second, there’s a “magic” in the parks, if you get into it! It’s a place where even adults can believe! So I always encourage parents to really get into the Disney spirit! It’s much more fun that way!  To borrow from Frozen, let it go!  Put away the phone, stop checking email, and immerse yourself in the Magic!  As you can see in the picture above, sometimes that means Dad goes to Bibbity Bobbity Boutique with his daughter!


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