Kansas City Here We Come!

Paul and I had the opportunity to visit Mayetta, Kansas this summer to go to a Pow Wow!

We had fun and cannot wait to go back!

Here we go! Off to Kanasas!

Landing in Atlanta

We knew it would be a quick trip!  I couldn’t get any time off from work so we had to figure out how to get there and back with the time restraints of a normal two day weekend!  Luckily Delta services our local airport.  They had a late flight out on Friday afternoon that worked perfectly!

Rolling hills of Kansas

Bright and early Saturday morning we set our sights on Mayetta, Kansas!

Why Mayetta?

The Prairie Band of Pottawatomie Indians were having their annual powwow.

It took us about and hour and half to drive to Mayetta.  The drive was beautiful!

For some reason, when I think about Kansas, I think of flat land in the middle of the country.  That is not what I was seeing out of the car window.  There were rolling hills with tons of lush trees and pastures.  So pretty!

The other thing that really surprised me about Kansas was the heat.  Holy moly it was hot!  Like sweat-in-all-the-wrong-places hot!  I have no clue why in the world I thought Kansas wouldn’t have temps like this, but I was totally not prepared for this!

Who the heck wears jean capris in 90+ degree weather?  This unknowing South Carolinian!  Whew.

We had a great time at the powwow!

Saw some fabulous powwow dancing.  Caught up with some powwow friends.

Paul took a few hundred exceptional pictures!

2016 Prairie Band Potawatomi Pow Wow

To learn more about powwows, please visit our powwows.com web page.

Be sure to check the calendar to find a Pow Wow near you!

Now it was time to get lost.  Yep.  No road trip is complete without getting good and turned around!

We could see our hotel just couldn’t get to it!  After pulling over and inputting info into the GPS, we finally started going in the right direction.  However, we had to go through three cloverleafs to get going right!  Yep – three!

Here is a screenshot of the GPS as proof.  Good grief.

Look at our crazy route in purple!

Props to the Holiday Inn Express in Topeka!  The AC saved our lives and the complimentary breakfast hit the spot!

We had some time Sunday to drive back to Kansas City, Missouri and take in a few of the sights.  We took a tour on the Kansas City Fun Tours.  It was great!  We didn’t have too much time and the tour sort of hit the high points for us.

Kansas City is really great!  The government has funded a revitalization of the downtown area.  Lots of places for night life and shopping.  Not to mention all of the historical sites.

Did you know that Kansas City was a major stop on the Pony Express?  I didn’t!  We walked around and had a quick bit at Grand Central Station.

Here is our Kansas City bucket list.

  1.  Sample a few of the BBQ places!  We love BBQ in South Carolina, so we need to do a compare and contrast, right?!
  2. Federal Reserve – I have never seen the Federal Reserve in action!
  3. Hallmark Headquarters – Who knew?  And it might be fun!

Thanks for your hospitality Kansas City, Mayetta and Topeka!  We will back!!

Have you been to a Pow Wow?  What is your favorite dance style?  Jingle Dress Dance?


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