My Favorite Travel Photography Accessory

What good is a photographer without his camera?  Especially on vacation, you need your camera close by and ready for action!

I’ve tried small bags, big bags, hip bags none of them give me access to the camera like this accessory!

The R Strap from BlackRapid!

This strap has been with me on all types of trips and outings!

It is in more of our Disney photos than Mickey Mouse!

This simple strap idea is pure genius for a photographer on the go.  The R Strap is a crossbody strap with a secure attachment to the camera.  The camera mounts to the strap by screwing the adapter into the tripod mount.  That is then mounted to the strap by a closed clamp.

Having the camera literally right at your fingertips means never missing a shot.  Bags are great, but for me, if the camera is in a bag it isn’t going to be used – like a gun with no bullet – useless.

The strap has allowed me to carry my camera safety and securely in places I would never carry a camera with a neck strap or wrist strap!

Rollercoasters, water rides, boats, and hikes, I’ve carried it everywhere!

Wearing the strap in St. Thomas

The quick release hook allows you to easily hand off the camera allowing you to get in the shot!

Kelli and I both sporting the R Strap!

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