Watching Wishes Fireworks Using FastPass Plus

With the addition of FastPass+ came new options for using your FP selections.

One of these is Wishes.

You can now reserve a spot for you and your party at Wishes!

If you have tried to grab a prime spot for Wishes, you know the hassle!  You need to be there early and hold that spot–sometimes with personal security guards.

Now you can use your FP+ and walk up to your viewing location with no wait.  Even better, the spot for FP+ viewing is very large with tons of room to spread out.

The night we watched Wishes from there, there was no on standing within 10 feet of us.  Not the same experience you get on Main Street!

The map below shows the best viewing locations for Wishes.


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Look for the purple area heading to Tomorrowland from the hub.  That’s the Rose Garden area around the Hub.  This where you go with your FastPass+ for Wishes.

 It’s not THE best location, but not the worse either.  The area is the Rose Garden.  The viewing area is down a slight incline.  At the bottom is a covered area with tables and chairs.  You could grab some Main Street Popcorn or some hotdogs from Casey’s and enjoy a meal while you watch Wishes–without the cost of the desert party.

This photo shows the view you’ll have.  You can still see most of the Castle and the large bursts.


We won’t do this spot every time for Wishes.  But it is great to know we have an option without the fuss.

One thing to keep in mind with using a FastPass+ reservation for Wishes is the new enhancement for additional FastPasses.  Once you use all of your initial 3 reservations, you are able to make more reservations using the kiosks in the park.  By reserving Wishes, you’ll not be able to use this feature until very late.  I would recommend doing this on a night that you enter the park late.  Or try reserving it late in the day after you’ve used all your reservations.  With the size of this area, I doubt they will run out of FastPasses for Wishes on most nights.

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