Top 5 Craziest Things We Heard at WDW

We are amazed at the number of people that travel to Walt Disney World without doing any preparation!  A week vacation at WDW is a major investment.  People would never spend this much for anything else without at least doing some prep.  But without fail you’ll always find dozens of people that haven’t opened a single book or read a WDW website.

Below are the Top 5 things we heard last week while at Walt Disney World!

5.  Let’s head over to Tomorrowland, it’s just right there!

We were walking past Haunted Mansion and overheard a family planning their next attraction.  The mom pointed towards Tomorrowland and suggested they head there.  She said “It’s just right there, around the corner.”  Just because you can see the neon signs, doesn’t mean it is really that close.

4.  What’s Epcot?

Another group we passed was also discussing what to do later in their trip.  They had no idea what Epcot was, if it had rides, restaurants, etc.

3.  There’s a ride inside the ball?

As a group was walking past Spaceship Earth, we heard a sister trying to convince her brother that there really was a ride inside the ball!

2.  What’s Animal Kingdom?  Do they have Animals?

We heard this while standing in line too.  A family was discussing what to do the next day.  One person asked about going to Animal Kingdom, but didn’t know what it was or what was there.

1.  What’s this FastPass thing?

While waiting for the Tiki Room we were talking to the mother and son next to us in line.  They had traveled from Australia for a week at WDW.  Within a couple minutes it was obvious that they knew nothing the parks or attractions.  In the few minutes we had before the start of the attraction we did our best to give them some tips and tricks!

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