Why You Should Join Your Cruise Facebook Group?

Did you know that there is a Facebook group for every Disney cruise?

Not just each ship, but every sailing!

Have you heard of Fish Extenders?  These groups are how you join the gift exchanges for Fish Extenders!

In the past these group were managed on DisBoards.  If you have been around the online Disney community for a while, you have come across DisBoards.  They are the number one forum for all things Disney.

Our first cruise, we joined the DisBoards group for that cruise.  The group had a couple dozen members and had an active gift exchange group.

Now with Facebook, cruise groups have evolved!  The groups aren’t just for gift exchanges now.  Our last cruise, the Facebook group had over 350 members!

How To Join A Cruise Facebook Group

The Disney Cruising Facebook group has an index of all of the groups–for example here is the 2017 cruise group.  They maintain a list of all of these groups.  You can find the link for your cruise and request to join.  If you know people that are already in a group, you can ask for an invite.  Most of the time the groups are private and you will need to be approved.

Why Join A Cruise Facebook Group

First, if you want to participate in Fish Extenders, this is the place!

Second, this is a great place to find out more specific details about your cruise.  Get info on the ports, excursions, shows, etc.  The groups are also a great place to ask any questions you have about cruising.  There are lots of places to post questions about cruising, but a private group is great because you are getting responses from other people in your same situation.  You won’t get lost in a group or forums with 50,000+ members.

The group will also, in most cases, plan other activities in addition to the Fish Extender exchange.  This can include meet ups, parties, and other exchanges.  For example, our last group planned a week full of activities, including gift exchange, gift exchange for 21+ only, magnet exchange, postcard exchange, magnet exchange, 4 private mixology classes, pub crawl, private treat or treating event and more!

Keep in mind all of the meetups and exchanges are optional.  You don’t have to join those just because you are in the group.

The cruise groups are also a great place for you and your children to start meeting people.  Again, going back to our past cruise, the group had a Facebook group just for the teens!  There was also a thread setup for all the tweens to post their Disney Mix IDs so they could text before the cruise.  One of the things we love about Disney Cruising is the friends we come home with each time!

Each of our cruise Facebook groups has been a little different, but always adds to our cruise experience!


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