Where’s My Stroller? — Tip of the Week

On some days at Walt Disney World, especially in the Magic Kingdom, it seems like there are more strollers than people!

The photo above shows what most of Fantasyland looks like on a crowded day-a sea of strollers.

Many first time guests spend hours looking for their stroller after exiting attractions.  In the mass of strollers it is easy to loose yours.

If you rent one from WDW, then yours will look like the other 116 parked outside of Peter Pan’s Flight.

At some attractions Cast Members move strollers around to keep the heap more manageable.  Don’t be surprised if yours isn’t exactly where you left it.

So with these issues, how do you find yours?

Here’s a couple of tips to help!

  1. Tie something on the handle of your stroller to help you find it.
    Try to use something bright so you can easily see it from afar.  Also make sure it is going to stand up to the Florida weather.  Look for the big tags people use to mark their luggage.  Is your child dying for a Mickey shaped balloon?  Tie it to the stroller!
  2. Use glow sticks at night.
    Trying to find your stroller is hard enough.  Doing it in the darkness with 5,000 other people exiting Fantasmic is a monumental challenge!  Tie a glow stick on the handle to quickly spot yours at night.

Hope these tips help on your next WDW trip!

What are your stroller tips?

Photo provided by Jenni C

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