Top 5 Places to Rest in the Magic Kingdom

Days in the Magic Kingdom can get long, real long!  Sometimes you need to find a nice, cool place to rest.

We always recommend, especially with young children, taking a break in the middle of the day.  Going back to your hotel for a nap, lunch and/or some pool time can really help recharge your batteries.  Sometimes, though, you just can’t leave.

When you find yourself in the Magic Kingdom on these long days here are our favorites places to rest.

resting in the magic kingdom2

5.  Walt Disney World Railroad

Take an easy ride around the Magic Kingdom.  And why not take it around twice!

4.  Mickey’s Philharmagic

Inside, air conditioned and a great show!  The music and sound effects are loud enough to cover your snoring too.

3.  Hall of President

Perfect on hot days.  To preserve the special carpet from the Oval Office the Hall of Presidents is kept very cold.

2.  TTA People Mover

One of our family’s favorite attractions.  The 11 minute ride takes you through several attractions with long periods of darkness.  On days with low crowds, you can usually take a couple of rides without exiting.

1.  Carousel of Progress

Love this show, but after a long day in the Magic Kingdom this is my favorite place to nap!

Bonus Tip

If you are willing to leave the Magic Kingdom to rest, take a ride on the resort monorail line.  All children love riding the monorail.  While you and your family rest, the kids think they are riding another attraction.

resting in the magic kingdom3



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