Tip For Adults – How To Get The Most Out Of Your WDW Vacation!

Walt Disney World is an immersive environment like no other!  The imagineers created for us a world where we can truly feel like you are going down the river in the jungle, flying through space, or walking down a street in the old west.

To get the most out of WDW, you have to be a part of that world!

Yes, adults, this is your chance to be a kid again!

get the most out of your wdw trip

Too often we sit back and watch our children have fun.  This is NOT how you visit Walt Disney World.

Walt’s original idea was to create a place where families can enjoy attractions together.  He was tired of sitting on the bench watching his children ride.

Now to really get the most out of your trip, you have to do more than ride Tower of Terror with your children.  You have to let go and truly be a kid again.

get the most out of your wdw trip3

  • Give Mickey a hug, don’t just watch your children love on him!
  • Going by a dance party, get in there and DANCE!
  • You know the words to Let It Go too, so sing along with Elsa!
  • Hold your hands up on Big Thunder Mountain and scream!

Don’t sit back and watch the trip happen, jump in and make the memories with your family.

get the most out of your wdw trip2

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