The Golden Gowder – Disney Wonder Mixology Class

Disney Cruise Line offers many different tasting session on their cruises.  You can find sessions such as Cognac, Wine, Beer, Whiskey, Tequilla, and more.  Most of the tastings are $20/person plus gratuity.  If you are in a cruise Facebook Group, check with the group about a private session.

One of our favorites is the Mixology class.  In Mixology, you learn techniques and how to mix flavors to make cocktails.  The session usually includes 5 different drinks.  We have done a Mixology class on almost every cruise.

the gang of the disney wonder

Ivan on the Disney Wonder created 5 unique drinks for the session.  All 5 were original drinks he created just for the group.

The second drink he created turned out to the favorite in our group of friends.  We loved it so much several of us ordered it later!  On our last night on the Wonder, our friends Dionne and Stephan Welsh, named the drink–The Golden Gowder.


Hopefully, Ivan won’t object, but we would like to share the recipe for the Golden Gowder with all of you!

The Golden Gowder

  • 1.5 oz Apple Syrup
  • 1.5 oz Elder Flower Liquer
  • Passion Fruit Juice
  • Grape Fruit Juice
  • Honey Cluster for garnish

Thanks to Ivan, Mel and Edclem from the Disney Wonder for making our evenings special!

mel and ecklem

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