The Force Awakens Review – SPOILER FREE

First, go see this as soon as possible!  Don’t wait for the crowds to die down, see it now! People are going to start talking, and you don’t want to be spoiled on this! A reviewer on TV this morning said there were 7 major spoilers–seriously go see it before it is too late!  You can’t unknow these spoilers!


The Force Awakens is a perfect name for this movie.  The entire Star Wars universe has awaken again with this movie.  JJ Abrams gave fans, and soon to be fans, the movie we craved since Return of the Jedi.

In Episodes 1-3, or those that will not be named, Lucas tried to give us the back story of Vader, the Jedi, the Force, C3-PO, R2, and more.  He tried too hard.  Creating weird plot points like midichlorians was over the top and not needed.  All we wanted was a little back story and characters we can root for.  JJ Abrams has done that!

With the blending of the original cast and new cast, the movie perfectly bridges into a new story of good and evil.  The original cast has a large enough role to enjoy but not overpower.  The true stars of this movie are our new heroes Finn and Rey–and BB8 of course.

There are a few scenes that dragged a little in the middle and towards the end.  The last 30-45 minutes seem to stretch on a little too long and was a bit choppy.  Several times I thought we were at an end just to have a whole new scene start.

As many will criticize, the movie mirrors and borrows heavily from A New Hope.  JJ, again, does well with the balance here.  The story is familiar, but with new characters and from a new perspective.

I also felt that one of the major events in this movie (and you’ll know which one after you see it) was rushed and forced. Many fans will argue it shouldn’t have happened at all! For me, that scene could have been saved for further into the trilogy to create more angst and anticipation.

Through the 2 hours and 16 minutes you will feel a full range of emotion from laughing, sadness, fear, anxiety, nostalgic, wonder, and awe.

I’ve seen many reviewers trying to rank this against the holy trilogy.  I don’t know that any Star Wars movie will ever be better than those three, especially when viewed as a whole.  This, however, is a new Star Wars story that deserves its own place, it doesn’t need to be ranked.

Ok, so now can I give you just one spoiler?

You wont believe….ok never mind!  Enjoy the movie!

Overall I am satisfied with this movie in a way I haven’t felt as a Star Wars fan since 1983.  I’m excited about this launching us into another generation of Star Wars excitement!

Can’t wait to go see this again.  The next few years are going to be amazing for the Star Wars universe!  Thank you Disney and JJ Abrams!

May the Force be with you!

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