That costs how much? Do you know how many days I can go to Disney World for that?

Who lives, who dies, who tells your story…


The $10 founding father without a father…


I return with guns and ships and so the balance shifts…

If you are like my family you know those lyrics by heart.  We are among the thousands obsessed with the music from the smash hit Hamilton.

Now that school is back in session, it is time to start planning vacations – Labor Day, Presidents Day, and Spring Break!  This week I started looking at possible family trips.  With our new found obsession, I started to plan a trip to see Hamilton on Broadway.  My efforts were quickly thwarted when I saw the total of 3 tickets.

Hamilton Tickets
April 12 – 2:00 pm
$347 each!

That’s each, for seats in the balcony.  That’s face value, not from Stub Hub or another reselling site.  That’s off of

For that price, I can get a 4-day pass to Walt Disney World.  As much as we want to see the show, I’m finding it hard to justify that much money for 3 hours of entertainment versus 4 days!

The more we visit Disney parks and cruises, the more we find ourselves comparing everything to a Disney trip.

We also start to realize the value of a day at Disney.  For $100 you get a full day of entertainment.  Yes, a trip to see the mouse can be expensive.  When you start comparing it, you start seeing the price in a different light.  This is what has kept us from Great Wolf Lodge.

Let’s compare a few other prices.

NFL Carolina Panthers vs San Fransico 49ers
Cheapest tickets I found were $129 each.  Now you can make a full day out of an NFL football game with tailgating.  At $129, it is still more than 1 day at WDW.

Carrie Underwood Concert
Her tickets start at $79 each.  That is cheaper than a day at Disney, but the concert will probably only last 3 hours.
Disclaimer – I did buy tickets to this concert for my girls!

Cedar Point
As a rollercoaster fanatic, I love this park.  Can’t wait til I get to go back. Even Cedar Point doesn’t compare well to WDW ticket.  A one day ticket to Cedar Point (with fastpass) is $115!

Disney will continue to raise the prices each year.  At some point, the price will reach a tipping point.

For now, we still use park tickets at the measuring stick for all other entertainment!  Of course, we still go to a concert and other non-Disney entertainment, but it will always be measured against a park day!

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