Star Wars Land? Could It Be Coming to Hollywood Studios?

UPDATE – 8/6/14

During a call about quarterly earnings, Iger hinted at new Star Wars based attractions coming soon!  Read two quotes from him below:

“When we grow ‘Star Wars” presence, which we will do significantly, you will see better bets being made that will pay off for us than were made in the past.”


“Far greater Star Wars presence in our parks.”

So it’s coming!  What, where, and when are still up in the air though!


Several websites including are reporting big changes coming to Disney Hollywood Studios.

Earlier this week rumors started circulating about the closing of the American Idol Experience.  Now reports are going around that Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular will be closing about the same time.

Could this be opening the way for Star Wars Land?

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 9.06.18 PM

Star Tours, Indiana Jones, and American Idol are in close proximity to each other.  And looking at a satellite image of the park.  You can see the parking lot is directly behind Indiana Jones.  This could create a large expansion pad for a new land.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 9.08.14 PM

No official announcement has been made, but these sites are predicting announcements soon possibly even this week.

Could this be Star Wars Land?  Or are they preparing for the east coast version of Carsland?

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