Rogue One Review – Spoiler Free Review

The latest movie in the Star Wars franchise has finally hit theaters.  Rogue One is the first stand alone story – a so call Star Wars Anthology.

The story of Rogue One takes place between Episode III and Episode IV.  The Empire is at the height of their strength.  Many planets around the galaxy are war zones.  Rogue One is a war movie.  The characters in this movie are living through the results of the decisions and actions of the main characters from the other Star Wars movies.

This is a fully separate movie.  Rogue One is the Fantastical Beasts of the Star Wars world, set in the same universe but separate from the other trilogies.  Although there are points and characters that ground us to the Star Wars universe, Rogue One is a different story.  The difference spills over into more than just the plot including music and more.


The plot story of Rogue One takes us across the galaxy at a fast pace.  The planet changes are a bit confusing and unnecessary at times.  Following the main character, Jyn, on her journey is like following Dorothy down the yellow brick road.  She picks up allies along the way to a finale showdown.

Jyn and her gang are engaging and easy to pull for on their quest.  Some characters are developed better than others.  Captain Cassian’s development leaves many questions and holes.  Star Wars fans will love the quick cameos of several characters, though. I can’t wait to watch it again just to try and spot more characters like Walrus Man from the Cantina.  And then there is Vader.  Darth Vader in full power, loved that!

In addition to the dizzying pace of planet jumping, the movie has another major distraction.  While I love seeing characters from A New Hope, the CGI faces on some just doesn’t work.  The eyes are a major distraction that pulled me out of the experience.

For all movie goers, the action-packed Rogue One will win them over.  For Star Wars fans the movie will appeal to them for the nods to the fandom, the action, and the back story.  Fans will enjoy the movie.  Most fans will probably rank this higher than the prequels but lower than the holy trilogy and Force Awakens.


I’m looking forward to watching this in between III and IV and have them tied together better.  I thoroughly enjoyed the action.  The battle scenes are on a grand scale and had me looking all over the screen to see all the different ships.  As a toy collector, I loved seeing the Y-Wing in action.  Even with the distractions of the CGI, the movie will be a hit.  I’m looking forward to more stand alone movies between VIII and IX.  Rogue One wet my appetite but left me really wanting VIII.

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