Question About Meal Plans and Moderate Resorts

Got this question from a friend recently:

“Ever stayed at Coronado Springs or Caribbean Beach at Disney? And have you all ever done meal plans? We are looking at going again in December; stayed at Pop Century last time, and there is a meal plan deal when we are looking at going. Quick Service meal plan at a Value Resort, but regular one at a Moderate resort. Too many choices!”

Here is our answer:

No, haven’t stayed there. Our favorite moderate is Port Orleans.

I’ve heard that those two resort are very nice but spread out. I think one of those actually has an internal bus system because of the size. Makes getting around take a little longer.

If you have to pay for the meal plan, don’t! Way too expensive now. A few years ago it was a good deal. Now people struggle to get value from it. You are better off putting that money into Disney Gift Cards and using that to pay for meals. And buy them at Target with a Red Card and get 5% off.

If you are getting one of the free dining plans, then great! Just check the prices of the room. The free dining plans give you the base room rate, which can be more expensive than other specials.

We have been many, many times and still us a travel agent to book the room because of issues like this. She can wade through all the specials and tell us what is the best deal for us.

On one trip she had us move our checkin day by a couple of days for a special and we went for 2 extra days at no additional cost.

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One thought on “Question About Meal Plans and Moderate Resorts

  1. My favorite resort is Carribean beach…last 2 times I went we got a dining plan since my family got a package was way too much food we had deluxe might do the same thing but with regular dining plan 1 table service is good the rest of the meals are best to get quick service and go about your day and enjoy the park 🙂

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