Planning a Walt Disney World Trip? You First Must Do…

You’ve decided to take the family to Walt Disney World!  Let the fun begin!

We love the anticipation and build up before a trip!  You are full of excitement and questions.  Like everyone now a days, the first thing you do?  Turn to the internet.

There are hundreds, probably thousands of sites like ours talking about Disney World.  Then there are the Facebook groups, the online forums, newsletters, and podcasts.

Information overload!

Part of the fun, for us and many WDW fans is asking questions online, reading restaurant reviews, gathering tips, finding the best place to watch Wishes, etc.  Online there are no shortage of answers to these and thousands of other questions.

Before you drown yourself in continuous flow of online information, turn to a trusted source!

No, not!  Yes, I know we are your favorite and most trusted site.  Wink Wink

This time we are having you turn to a higher power.

In the Disney world, there is one source of information revered and trusted above all others.

Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

unofficial guide to disney world

Bob and Len have been writing this book for years.  They have a team of statisticians, data analysts, and researchers.

When they publish a review of Tusker House, their reviews and ratings are based on dozens of trips of different people.  A blog like us bases their review on a single trip or in some case 2 or 3 trips to that restaurant.   While I totally believe you should read our reviews, you should start with THE source for Disney World information.

Using the Unofficial Guide as your baseline, you can validate the reviews and opinions you see online.  Someone once told me that when you are researching information, hearing a fact from one person means nothing.  Until you hear the same thing from at least 3 sources, it isn’t true.  The same is true of the pouring water hose of WDW info flowing out onto the web.

Your first must do when you decide to plan a Disney trip, whether your first trip or your 10th, grab your copy of the Unofficial Guide.  Start your next trip planning in their pages!


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