Our Surprise Walt Disney World Trip

Back in 2009 we decided to surprise Brooke with a weekend getaway to WDW.

We both showed up at her school to have lunch with her.  We did actually stay and eat with her–didn’t want her to be starving on the road.  Then told her that since we are here and have the day off, why don’t you just come home with us.

In the car we had the bags packed and some goodies for her on her seat.

Brooke's Surprise

She didn’t put it all together at first!  But once she did you can see she was all business, backpack down, seat belt on, ready to go!

It was raining when we left Columbia and rained most of the weekend!  But it was one of THE best days in the Magic Kingdom ever.  We’ll have to tell more about that in another story!

Have you ever surprised your family with a trip?

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