My Top 5 Rides In Magic Kingdom

  1. Space Mountain

    My first ride I would go on would be Space Mountain, ’cause when I get off I’m ready for a day of magic.
  2. Haunted Mansion

    Haunted Mansion is my second ride that I would go on.Haunted Mansion is for people who want a little scare and a little laugh.
  3. Splash Mountain

    My third ride would be Splash Mountain. I always love a little splash.
  4. Peter Pan’s Flight

    My fourth ride I would hit, Peter Pan’s Flight. I absolutely love it. Its a ca-las-ic!
  5. Tomorrowland People Mover

    My fifth and final ride that I would go on would be the People Mover ,’cause it always relaxes me.

So I hope you take my advice and try these rides.

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