My Disney Bounding Experience

Many adults and teens love to Disney bound, which is where you can dress as some of your favorite characters without wearing a full out costume.

You can wear the colors of the character and accessorize and so much more! Sometimes it is hard to decide a character or figure out what to wear for the outfit, I have worn a few outfits that I absolutely love that might help you!

One of my favorites was my Dory from Finding Nemo outfit.

I usually wear this in Epcot. In this outfit I wear a Dory blue dress that I found at Walmart, the dress is very comfortable and cool to be in the parks on a hot day. I also accessorize with a nice yellow scarf and yellow earrings, with a bracelet themed with the earrings. Those accessories I found at Belk. And the shoes that I wear with this outfit are white high-top Converse.

A very unpopular character that I loved to bound was Clawhauser from Zootopia.

I wore this outfit in Animal Kingdom. With this outfit, I wore an off the shoulder denim blue top, and denim shorts, both which I got from Walmart. The accessories I wore were animal print Mickey ears, animal print socks and an animal print slap bracelet. The ears I got from Animal Kingdom, the socks and bracelet I got from Amazon. The shoes I wear for this are again my high- top white Converse.

An amazing princess outfit that I love to bound is Cinderella.

In this outfit I wear a light blue dress that I got from Walmart, that is very cool and very moveable to wear in the parks. For my accessories I had a blue headband and a black choker, both I got on Amazon.

I hope these will help you with your next Disney vacation, for picking your outfits. Disney Bounding is a super fun and creative thing to do with your vacation.

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