My Disney Addiction – Why we are going to WDW again!

Right now I feel the need to have a little rant. I am tired. I am tired of being criticized for being a Disney fan(atic)!


Gowder Family Selfie at WDW in 2007

My family and I choose to vacation at Walt Disney World. Sometimes it is once per year, sometimes more depending on our schedules and if we have annual passes.

We have vacationed in other places.

But truly, Disney is always our first choice!

So why oh why do people roll their eyes and say things like, “oh, let me guess, Disney, AGAIN?”. I really want to yell back some very inappropriate and very un-Disney like things. Instead, I take a deep breath and answer with a polite, “yes, we are going to the happiest place on earth!”.

No one ever rolls their eyes and has smart remarks to families that visit the same beach or mountain house each and every summer. So why is it different for those of us who choose Disney?


Gowder Family at WDW in 2009

When my family is at Walt Disney World, we all truly have a good time. We reconnect with each other because we are in a place that we all love to spend time. So I am going to hold my head high the next time someone asks me where we are going on vacation.

Disney isn’t just a place for little kids.

It is a place where we call home and I hope will always hold a special place in our hearts!


Gowder Family at WDW in 2014


4 thoughts on “My Disney Addiction – Why we are going to WDW again!

  1. Kelly Tobias Settlemyre says:

    We go EVERY year too and I get the same reactions you describe! Most of the time it is from people who have no clue

  2. I get the same reaction from my co workers also. You say in your post when you have annual passes. Do you rotate each year on a.p.'s? We bought passes and took advantage of them (4 trips 7-9 days at the resorts each trip) thinking about not getting them for next year then buy them the year after

    • This is the 2nd time we’ve done AP’s. We did it back in 2010. Not sure if we’ll renew these either. We like the idea of doing it every few years. But we haven’t fully decided yet.

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