Must Have WDW Book – Should Include A Box Of Tissues

During a trip to Disney World you can witness magical moments throughout the parks and resorts.  That special interaction between a character and young child or a cast member going out their way to make someone’s day special.

These are the moments that bring real magic to the parks.  I often tell people that the real magic makers of the parks are not the million dollar attractions, but the street sweeper, the characters, the cashier or the balloon salesperson.  These are the folks that bring the parks to life.

Dean Gaschler was one of these people!  For over 14 years he created moments that families will never forget!

Dean had the awesome job of selecting the parade Grand Marshals each day in the Magic Kingdom!  Through his years of selecting these special families he met people from all over including veterans, Make A Wish children, 911 survivors, and more.

The book “I Led The Parade: Main Street Memories” is a collection of the stories from Dean’s years selecting Grand Marshals.

i led the parade - wdw main street

We have been reading this book as a family each night as we tuck our daughter into bed.  We have laughed and cried each night.  The book is an incredible way to end the day with a little touch of that Disney magic.

Listen to Dean tell about just one of these stories:

Order your copy today!  And order one as a gift for all your Disney friends!

This truly is a must have for all Disney fans.

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