How To Save Money on Walt Disney World Snacks – Annual Passholder Tip

Every $ counts on a Walt Disney World trip!

We found out on a recent trip how to save a little money on your snacks in the parks.  This tip applies to Annual Passholders only.

Instead of buying your next at that food cart on Main Street, head over to the closet shop.  Buying food inside merchandise shops allows you to get your Annual Pass merchandise discount!

We ask about the AP discount almost every time we check out – just in case.  On our last trip we were shopping in the tent across from Dumbo.  After watching them dip various things in the chocolate, we had to buy something!  Turns out, we got the AP discount because it was treated as merchandise!

Use this tip to save 10% on your next WDW snacks!

Reason #116 to buy an Annual Pass!

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