How To Include Everyone In Your WDW Photos – Tip of the Week

Tips for Getting Everyone In the Photo

Do you have one person in the family that takes all the photos? Are you that person?

Ever look through photos and wondered if you were actually there?


I was on Dumbo too! You just can’t see me!

Don’t come home from Disney with photos of everyone BUT you!

As the name of the site says, we do Disney Family Style. That includes photos. We make sure to get photos of everyone in the family.

I’m the guy in our family that is always behind the lens. We realized early in our trips as a family, that we need to find ways to make sure I was included in the photos. Your photos tell the story of your vacation. You don’t want to be left out of that story. Your photos will become the most cherished souvenir of the trip.

Here are tips for making sure everyone is included in the photos from your next Walt Disney World trip.

  1. You can hand your camera to any Cast Member.   They are all willing to take a photo for you.


    Our waitress was happy to snap this photo

  2. Memory Maker is expensive, especially for shorter trips. The PhotoPass photographers take great pictures though. Even if you haven’t purchased the package or plan to, they will take your photo with your camera. The benefit is you get the family photo in those great “Kodak” photo spots.(Now they are Nikon photos spots) They also will help pose you and get the great expressions from everyone.


    Photo taken with my camera by PhotoPass photographer

  3. Purchase the MemoryMaker package. So going against what I just said in #2. If you can afford it, buy the package and go to as many PhotoPass photographers as you can. Remember if you buy MemoryMaker before your trip you save $50.
  4. Take selfies! It’s all the rage now, but we’ve been taking selfies at WDW since 2004.

    Family selfie in the Boardwalk pool

    Family selfie in the Boardwalk pool

  5. Use your camera’s timer. Find a table, railing, or other stable place to put the photo, set the timer and get the whole group in the photo.

    Camera was placed on the table inside our room with the timer set

    Camera was placed on the table inside our room with the timer set

  6. Pass your camera around. I carry my camera on a Black Rapid R Strap. This style of strap lets me quickly unclip the camera and hand it to someone else. Hand it to other people in your family to get photos.
  7. Use a second camera. I’m the guy carrying the big, bulky DSLR with the 10lbs lens. Not everyone in my family wants to carry that type of gear. We’ve purchased a small point and shoot for others to use. The best camera is the one you have with you! Use your smartphone, tablet or whatever. Get multiple cameras photographing your trip!


    Photo taken with our point and shoot camera

  8. Let your children take photos. Whether with your camera or the extra camera, get the kids involved with photography. They have totally different perspectives and ideas to bring to photography. Give them a camera and watch their creativity take off.

    Photo by Brooke

    Photo by Brooke

Pay it forward! You see it all over the parks. Families taking turns with the camera to do multiple shots so everyone gets into the photo. We always offer these groups to take their photo.

Hope these tips will help you return from your next WDW trip with photos that include everyone!

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