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My Favorite Walt Disney World Resorts

Walt Disney World has over 20 different resorts to stay!  I've stayed in 13 so far.  Some of these hotels really stick out for me. #3 - Contemporary We stayed in the Contemporary for 10 days!  Seeing Wishes from our balcony is awesome!  The Magic Kingdom is just a few minutes away. #2 - Art of Animation I absolutely love...Read More

Worst Disney Trip Ever

In December 2010 we headed back to Florida for a 10 day Merry Birthday Trip.  We were all excited to spend so many days in our favorite place, celebrating a birthday and Christmas. Of course, none of our trips to Walt Disney World is ever a bad trip.  This trip had a few more "challenges" than some of our others....Read More

The Force Awakens Review – SPOILER FREE

First, go see this as soon as possible!  Don't wait for the crowds to die down, see it now! People are going to start talking, and you don't want to be spoiled on this! A reviewer on TV this morning said there were 7 major spoilers--seriously go see it before it is too late!  You can't unknow these spoilers!  ...Read More

Must Have WDW Book – Should Include A Box Of Tissues

During a trip to Disney World you can witness magical moments throughout the parks and resorts.  That special interaction between a character and young child or a cast member going out their way to make someone's day special. These are the moments that bring real magic to the parks.  I often tell people that the real magic makers of the...Read More

A Magical Arrival – Using Disney’s Magical Express

We decided to do something very different on our last trip to Disney. We were going to celebrate Brooke’s 10th birthday. She has been asking to go on a plane. So that is exactly what we did! I have to say it was a nice change from driving like a maniac down 95! Since we were flying, we decided to...Read More

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