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Sneaking in a little bit of Learning on a Disney Cruise

The struggle is real.  How do you schedule a family vacation with so much going on....Mom & Dad's work schedule, the kid's sports schedules that now take up a good bit of summer. The solution for our family has been to go during the school year.  I know, I know.  This is a hotly debated topic on many Disney and...Read More

The Golden Gowder – Disney Wonder Mixology Class

Disney Cruise Line offers many different tasting session on their cruises.  You can find sessions such as Cognac, Wine, Beer, Whiskey, Tequilla, and more.  Most of the tastings are $20/person plus gratuity.  If you are in a cruise Facebook Group, check with the group about a private session. One of our favorites is the Mixology class.  In Mixology, you learn techniques...Read More

2016 Spring Break Cruise – Photo Gallery

Just got off our favorite ship, the Disney Magic.   And yes, this time we took Brooke!     Enjoy our photos:

Disney Magic Trip – February 2016 – Photo Gallery

We recently enjoyed a 3 night getaway on the Disney Magic - parents only!  Yes, we went on a Disney trip without Brooke! You need to try it too! Hope you enjoy our photos!  

Shhhh…We went on a Disney Cruise Without Children…And You Should Too!

Yes, this totally goes against doing Disney "Family Style"!  We highly recommend going on a Disney cruise as a family.  We have several posts here about that.  But, you need to consider one for just the two of you! When is the last time you took a vacation with just your spouse?  Not just a 2 hour date night, not...Read More

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