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Kansas City Here We Come!

Paul and I had the opportunity to visit Mayetta, Kansas this summer!  We had fun and cannot wait to go back! We knew it would be a quick trip!  I couldn't get any time off from work so we had to figure out how to get there and back with the time restraints of a normal two day weekend!  Luckily...Read More

My Favorite Travel Photography Accessory

What good is a photographer without his camera?  Especially on vacation, you need your camera close by and ready for action! I've tried small bags, big bags, hip bags none of them give me access to the camera like this accessory! The R Strap from BlackRapid! This strap has been with me on all types of trips and outings! It is...Read More

We aren’t in Kansas anymore! Oh wait – we are in Kansas!

On our recent trip to Kansas, we saw several signs that we would never see in our neck of the woods! First was a sign for a Snow Evacuation Route.  Wow.  South Carolina shuts down with two flakes.  But we have never been evacuated! Then we saw a Buffalo Crossing sign!  Sort of wish that we saw some buffalo! And...Read More

Sneaking in a little bit of Learning on a Disney Cruise

The struggle is real.  How do you schedule a family vacation with so much going on....Mom & Dad's work schedule, the kid's sports schedules that now take up a good bit of summer. The solution for our family has been to go during the school year.  I know, I know.  This is a hotly debated topic on many Disney and...Read More

Too Much Of A Good Thing – Cramming Too Much Into One Trip

You can cram too much into one trip.  I didn't think that possible for a long time.  We loved to maximize every minute! Commando style traveling! Go Go Go! We met our match into 2006.  Learn from our mistake, plan times to rest, recover, refresh. How is this for a week of travel. We flew from South Carolina to Los...Read More